Here are some of our past #Mightycat Program Grant recipients

Pasadena Humane Society

We provided a $ 10,000  Mightycat Grant to help Pasadena Humane Society expand their foster team. This funding helped pay for the salary of their new Placement Assistant, Kayleigh! Having this new role will help PSH navigate through the next couple of months as orphaned kittens continue to arrive at their shelter daily.


The Little Lion Foundation

Our#Mightycat Program has enabled The Little Lion Foundation to ensure their kittens are thriving and receiving the very best care. We granted $5,200 to cover one vet visit a week at their Long Beach Little Paws Project for the entire year of 2020! These visits are critical to providing the necessary care for their kitten nursery. Every week, a doctor comes to assess every kitten on-site and provide them with any needed medical care. We are so proud to support this impactful organization in their rescue efforts.

Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter

We awarded Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter with a grant of $25,000! This funding will help cover the salary of a Kitten Care Specialist for the 2020 kitten season, along with life-saving nursery and foster supplies. The extra staff member has been crucial to their neonatal kitten program. We are so proud to support this amazing shelter Georgetown, TX!

Michigan Orphan Kitten Rescue

OKC invested $7,200 in Michigan Orphan Kitten Rescue, a foster-based kitten rescue from Saline, MI. This funding was used to purchase 4 incubators and  kitten care supplies for their long-time fosters who specialize in neonatal kittens. We are so proud to support this tiny but mighty nonprofit in their lifesaving efforts.

Newborn Kitten Rescue

This neonatal focused rescue from Scottsdale, AZ has been awarded 5k to cover the cost of incubators and kitten care supplies. How adorable is this little calico? Her name is Spinach! She was rescued with her siblings by Newborn Kitten Rescue.

Bitty Kitty Brigade

This Twin Cities kitten rescue has been awarded a $5,000 Mightycat Grant to offset the cost of kitten formula, food, supplies and medical care. We are so proud to provide support to Bitty Kitty Brigade who is working to make the world a safer place for the most vulnerable felines.

ACCT Philly

We awarded ACCT Philly with a grant of $25,000 to cover the salaries of two seasonal employees who can focus on lifesaving kitten programs. These employees are responsible for feeding and providing basic care for orphan kittens in their nursery as well as recruiting new foster parents. We are so proud to support these life-saving roles.

Tiny Paws Kitten Rescue

Our partner organization Tiny Paws from Stillwater, Oklahoma are the recipient of one of our largest Mightycat Program Grants to date. This funding will allow them to expand their ability to impact neonatal kittens within their community. OKC has granted Tiny Paws 20k to cover the salaries of a full time supervisor & part time Kitten Coordinator at their 24 hour Kitten Nursery. This grant will also provide this rescue with medical equipment for their facility!


Pasadena Humane Society

Pasadena Humane Society applied for a Mightycat Grant to help them save the most critical felines. With our funding they were able to purchase two ICU units that help regulate the temperature and humidity for neonatal kittens. These incubators will help save litter after litter of orphaned kittens in Pasadena, California.


The Little Lion Foundation

The Little Lion Foundation was awarded a $7,500 grant to support their new kitten nursery in Long Beach, California. This funding was used to purchase three incubators, necessary medical supplies, kitten formula and wet food. Our financial support has enabled them to save the most critical neonates and give them the care they need to thrive.  

Brother Wolf Animal Rescue

We awarded Brother Wolf Animal Rescue with a grant to help purchase life-saving equipment for the kittens in their care. This funding had allowed them to acquire a kitten incubator, two nebulizers, and kitten formula for their foster department. We are so happy to support this organization with their efforts to help kittens in Asheville, NC.


Lifeline Animal Project

Lifeline Animal Project has been awarded a $16,000 grant as part of our #Mightycat Grant Program! This funding will support their lifesaving bottle baby kitten program, allowing this impactful shelter in Atlanta to create foster kits with essential supplies for neonatal kittens.


Little Orphans Kitten Rescue

Little Orphans Kitten Rescue was awarded a $5,000 grant to support their Strong Start Program. This funding was used to help the most vulnerable orphaned kittens in Louisville, KY area. We are so proud to support this incredible neonate focused rescue.


Love Your Feral Felines created these life-saving kits with funding from our Mightycat program. This $6,000 grant enabled them to create 23 neonatal kitten foster kits just in time for kitten season!