Full Circle TNR Program

Orphan Kitten Club believes in ending the cycle of reproduction that leads to kittens being born outdoors–and ultimately orphaned or surrendered to a shelter. Recognizing that every kitten in our nursery had an origin story that began outside, we developed a unique Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) program that specifically focuses on sterilizing community cats in the neighborhoods where our kittens are rescued.

The Full Circle Program is our promise that the kittens we rescue will be the last born in their colony. Our passionate volunteer trap team works diligently to identify the birthplace of every kitten in our nursery, and to humanely sterilize the community cats found there.

We are proud that this program provides a long term, full-circle impact!

Our volunteers also support other organizations by transporting and returning community cats to their outdoor homes once they have been altered, vaccinated, and ear tipped.

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Here are some of our recent colonies:

Funston’s Colony

Funston and his siblings were found by a Good Samaritan in a suburban neighborhood in San Diego. The kittens were raised at our Satellite Nursery location where they blossomed into beautiful, healthy kittens. Our Full Circle team went to the location where the kittens were found and ended up meeting numerous people who had been caring for the cats in their community. Our dedicated volunteers have been working with multiple feeders in the neighborhood in an effort to trap all of the unaltered cats in this colony.  You can see the striking resemblance between our kitten Funston and this unique tabby cat that our team was able to trap.

Ruthie’s Colony

Ruthie was born into a large colony of cats in the neighborhood of North Park. Our volunteers have been working with the feeders on the block to trap all of the unaltered cats in this community. There are some truly beautiful felines in this colony. We’re convinced that this fluffy Chocolate Point is a distant relative of our little Ruth!

The Mocktail’s Colony

The Mocktail brothers were born outside of a liquor store in San Diego. Our team has been working closely with the cats’ caregivers to trap all of the cats in the colony. Pictured to the right is the mother of multiple generations of kittens. We are so proud to help end the cycle of more kittens being born into this colony.

Jacob’s Colony

Jacob the tiny tabby came from a colony of cats just a few miles north of the U.S.-Mexico border.  Our team has been working with the residents of this community to spay and neuter every cat in this colony. Can you see the resemblance in these two photos?

Chickpea’s Colony

Little Chickpea came from a long linage of tuxedo cats. Isn’t it amazing how genetics work? Chickpea and her relatives have almost identical markings! Our team has trapped over 30 community cats on this one city block and a majority of them look just like Chickpea.

Cherry’s Colony

Cherry and her litter mates were just one of many litters born into this colony. Our team trapped numerous cats from multiple generations at this location.  Can you see the resemblance between Cherry and this handsome ear tipped ginger?

Cider’s Colony

Cider was born into a large colony of cats in City Heights. His mother had given birth to multiple litters in the neighborhood. Our volunteers were able to TNR his entire colony including his mom, ending the cycle of kittens like Cider being born outside.

Reina’s Colony

Reina was born outside durring a big storm in San Diego. She was the only kitten in her litter that was found after the flash flood. Our volunteers were able to TNR her entire colony including her mom who has the exact same tortie markings as Reina. 

Hummingbird Colony

Our “hummingbird” kittens were found as infants underneath a wheelbarrow. Covered in fleas, they were rescued and raised to adoption age in our nursery. A team member returned to the place they were rescued and TNRed all of the cats in the colony. 

Rosemary’s Colony

Rosemary and her siblings were found orphaned in an herb garden. Our team has worked tirelessly to TNR the large colony of cats living in the neighborhood where she was born.

Flower’s Colony

Flower was brought into our local animal shelter as an orphaned singleton.  This adorable kitten came from a colony in San Diego’s Little Saigon neighborhood. Our volunteers have been working to make sure every cat in her colony is spayed & neutered.

Flapjack’s Colony

Flapjack and his brother Butter were found by a feeder of a feral colony in Spring Valley. Sadly, Butter passed away within hours of being rescued. His passing inspired us to create our Full Circle Program and our team worked tirelessly to TNR his entire colony.