Meet the Team


Hannah Shaw

Founder and Board Chair

Hannah Shaw is a professional kitten rescuer and humane educator known for her advocacy work as Kitten Lady. She is the author of Tiny But Mighty: Kitten Lady’s Guide to Saving the Most Vulnerable Felines and the children’s book Kitten Lady’s Big Book of Little Kittens. When she isn’t traveling the country to teach classes about kitten care, she’s volunteering her time rescuing kittens and providing them with lifesaving care.


Sonja Lueschen

Program Manager

Sonja Lueschen is an animal welfare professional with a background in kitten care and community programs. Her work in a kitten nursery ignited her passion for saving tiny lives and working to reduce the number of orphan kittens through TNR. Sonja also served as a Humane Law Officer and is dedicated to fighting for the little guys and giving every kitten a chance to thrive.


Andrew Marttila

Kitten Caregiver

Andrew Marttila is an animal photographer known for his captivating images of felines. His work as The Cat Photographer depicts the lives of celebrity cats, shelter cats, and house cats with intimate detail. Andrew is the creator of two beautiful photography books, Shop Cats of New York and Cats on Catnip.


Michelle Kucerak

Board Member

Michelle is a powerful advocate for all animals, and is a founding board member of the Orphan Kitten Club. She is the Senior Vice President of Programs and Development for the national animal advocacy organization The Humane League, and a graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Melissa Thomas

Melissa Thomas

Board Member

Melissa is a founding board member of Orphan Kitten Club and a passionate advocate for animals, youth, and LGBT individuals. She is the founder and CEO of the innovative IT company SAM & ABE, and a volunteer for Year Up, an organization which empowers urban young adults to transition to professional careers.


Christy Burchette 

Donor Gratitude Coordinator

Christy is an enthusiastic cat lover and has been volunteering with Orphan Kitten Club since its humble beginnings. She has assisted with everything from administrative assistance to scooping poop! Christy is the adopter of OKC graduate Orphan Annie, and is dedicated to letting our donors know how much their support means to the kittens we serve.