Mightycat Medical Grants

Every Kitten Deserves a Chance to Be a #Mightycat!

Orphan Kitten Club provides assistance to kittens in need of emergency medical assistance for strategic partner organizations throughout the United States as part of our Mightycat Grant Program.


Meet Our #Mightycat Recipients

Here are some of the kittens and organizations who have received assistance through the Mightycat Program!


Rosemary the tiny tuxedo was brought to YOLO SPCA with her 2 siblings. All the kittens appeared to be healthy but Rosemary’s foster mom noticed that her breathing was increased and that she was not as active as her siblings. She was brought to UC Davis where she and had thoracic radiographs taken that confirmed their suspicions. Rosemary had pectus excavatum- a congenital malformation of the chest that can be fatal for young kittens if not corrected. A surgery date was set with a soft tissue specialist to address the abnormal curve in her chest. Orphan Kitten Club covered the cost of her corrective surgery & now Rosemary can breathe comfortably and will continue to grow into a #mightycat!

Coconut & Maple

Coconut & Maple were brought to  YOLO SPCA at just three weeks old. These adorable siblings were immediately placed into foster care but shortly after they began displaying signs of respiratory discomfort consistent with the presence of polyps. The duo was taken to a specialist who performed a rhinoscopy and found that they would both need to have polyps removed. OKC covered the costs associated with those procedures for both Maple & Coconut. The surgery went smoothly and they have recovered beautifully post-op in their foster home!


Wellsley is a 10-week old kitten rescued by our partner organization Kitten Nuggets. This handsome blue boy was born with bilateral congenital patellar dislocations. His patellas are wayyy out in the middle of nowhere and cannot be manually reduced. As a result, he is unable to walk or sit normally. ⁣If his condition is left untreated, it’s likely that his bones will grow curved because the soft tissue is in the wrong spot encouraging wonky growth. Over time, his muscles would stiffen because he would not be able to use them correctly and things would be much more difficult to correct.⁣ OKC granted the funds to cover the cost of his first procedure, which focused on repositioning his soft tissue (ligaments, tendons, muscle) back into a more anatomically correct position. The hope is because he’s young, as he heals from surgery and continues to grow, his patellas will move into the right position if the soft tissue is repositioned correctly! 


Jingle was just 4-weeks old when he was rescued by Tiny Paws Kitten Rescue in Stillwater, Oklahoma. This little blue boy was in dire need of medical care. He was rushed to Oklahoma State University Veterinary Hospital where it was determined he needed a double enucleation once he was stabilized. His procedure went well, however, his case rapidly became more complicated. Due to his size and malnourishment, Jingle had a feeding tube placed as well as a blood transfusion. The OSU Veterinary team didn’t give up on Jingle and slowly but surely he began to recover. Orphan Kitten Club granted $2,500 to help cover the costs of his hospitalization & today Jingle is thriving as a no-eyed wonder kitten!

Mighty Monroe

Monroe was rescued by our partner organization, Meow Parlour, in NYC. This tiny kitten came to them with an upper respiratory infection and damaged eye. After a medical examination, it was determined that Monroe had ear mites, a minor rectal prolapse, and would need her right eye enucleated. OKC granted funding to take care of all her medical concerns. Today Monroe is rockin’ an eye patch and feeling great!

Amazing Albus

Meet Albus! This adorable kitten was rescued by the Pasadena Humane Society. When Albus came into their care he was malnourished, covered in cuts and scrapes, missing a portion of his ear, and in pain from multiple abscesses on his limbs. He received immediate medical care and was placed into an experienced foster home. Sadly, Albus did need to have his front right leg amputated. OKC granted funding to cover help cover the cost of his surgery and the procedure was a success! We are also happy to announce that Albus, now Chunni, was adopted by his foster family!

Super Stevie

Stevie has had quite a journey! Our partners, TNR Utopia, rescued him when he was just 4-weeks old. Stevie was in critical condition— he had Calicivirus, a broken leg, and a severe eye infection. Once Stevie recovered from Calici, the focus shifted to his broken leg which needed to be amputated. Stevie made it through the amputation however his eye infection worsened. This is where we stepped in, OKC covered all the medical expenses associated with Stevie’s enucleation. Stevie is now a one-eyed, three-legged wonder kitten! He’s been through so much in his short life, but he’s still here and thriving thanks to the amazing team at TNR Utopia.

Baby Bub

Baby Bub was rescued by our partner organization, The Little Lion Foundation in Long Beach, California. This tiny 6-week old kitten was having trouble breathing without oxygen support. Bub was rushed to the emergency vet for immediate care where he was diagnosed with a Peritoneal-Pericardial Diaphragmatic Hernia. This caused his organs to push against his heart and lungs, making it nearly impossible to breathe. OKC granted $2,500 to help cover the cost to repair his diaphragmatic hernia!

Lifeline Hoarding Case

Tiny Turnip was one of the many kittens rescued by our partner organization Lifeline Animal Rescue in Atlanta Georgia. Lifeline was contacted about a nearby cat hoarding situation and they stepped in to assist. There were numerous kittens found at this property who were in need of immediate veterinary care. We knew we wanted to support their rescue efforts with a Mightycat Grant. Orphan Kitten Club covered the cost of 18 medical exams, eye medications, antibiotics and 4 enucleations for the kittens from this property. We are so proud to work with this impactful shelter!

Ray’s Rescue

Meet Ray. This tiny kitten was rescued from the middle of a busy intersection by a Good Samaritan and brought to our partner organization Tiny Paws Kitten Rescue in Stillwater, OK. Ray was already blind with juvenile glaucoma (eyes so enlarged he could not blink), emaciated and listless. Ray was cared for by the Tiny Paws team & under the direction of their veterinarian, Ray was treated with eye drops  & oral meds to control pain, infection and ocular pressure. Ray was taken to Oklahoma State University’s  Ophthalmology Specialist, for a double enucleation. The surgery went smoothly and Ray has since recovered. All the volunteers love to hold him and he welcomes all the attention he gets!

Fabulous Flora

Flora was rescued by our partner organization Newborn Kitten Rescue in Scottsdale, Arizona. At 5 weeks old she only weighed 261g on intake. She was malnourished, severely dehydrated and suffering from an upper respiratory infection. Flora started having breathing difficulties and was put on supplementary oxygen. At this point they were no longer able to get any nutrition into her and she was transferred to an emergency hospital for more aggressive treatment. Flora was diagnosed with viral pneumonia and was placed on IV antibiotics and fluids in the hospital. OKC covered the full cost of her hospitalization and treatment for pneumonia. We are so happy to support kittens like Flora! She has since recovered in the care of Newborn Kitten Rescue.

Amazing Anza

Introducing Amazing Anza. This adorable calico was rescued by our partners Little Lion Foundation.  They were alerted to a box of kittens in a dumpster with a note that read “Free Kittens”. When they arrived, someone had already taken one kitten – leaving Anza and her brother Mojave behind. Both kittens had underdeveloped eyes and suffered from eye infections. Mojave’s eyes significantly improved, but sweet Anza needed to have bother her eyes removed. OKC covered the full cost of Anza’s double enucleation. The procedure went smoothly, and she will now be looking for her forever home!

Delightful Dublin

Meet Dublin! This delightful little creamsicle was rescued by our partners at Feline Rescue. Dublin had severe trauma to her left eye and it was determined that once she was 2-months old, the eye would need to come out. However, at 6-weeks old, things changed when an ulcer on her eye started to rupture. After being evaluated that afternoon it was determined that she needed same-day emergency eye removal surgery. OKC covered the full cost of her procedure, enabling Feline Rescue to continue their lifesaving efforts in Minnesota!

Extraordinary Emma

Emma is a 7 week old kitten from YOLO SPCA in northern California. She developed an intussusception and required emergency surgery to repair the blockage. OKC granted $1,000 to help cover the cost of her medical care. The doctors at UC Davis were able to successfully remove a necrotic portion of her small intestine. We are so proud to support our partner organization in their kitten rescue efforts!


Sweet Bean Sprout

Meet Bean Sprout 🌱 This adorable kitten was found with her sibling when our Full Circle team was trapping at Chickpea’s colony. The entire litter had terrible upper respiratory infections and were covered in mange. Our Nurseries were at capacity but our friends at Love Your Feral Felines were able to help. They found an experienced foster home and got these kittens healthy. OKC covered the cost of Bean Sprout’s enucleation through our #Mightycat Grant Program and now the entire litter is available for adoption. We are so grateful to our supportive network of partner organizations.

Beautiful Beach Babe

Beach Babe was rescued by Homeward Bound as an orphaned 8 week old kitten with a horrible eye infection. She went straight into foster care where her eyes improved with treatment but sadly one eye ruptured. They performed an emergency eye enucleation at the shelter and OKC covered the costs associated with the procedure. We are so happy to assist this impactful New Jersey shelter!


Tiny Trunks

Trunks and his siblings were found outside at just 5 days old. Our partner organization Tiny Paws Kitten Rescue in Stillwater, OK rescued the litter but noticed Trunks the tuxedo had some health concerns. Tiny Trunks suffered from a chronic upper respiratory infection and had been treated with antibiotics, however something still wasn’t right. Trunks was taken to the vet and during the exam a viscous fluid was aspirated from his abdominal cavity. He was Diagnosed with FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis) a virus that was until recently was seen as a non-treatable disease. Orphan Kitten club has granted $1,600 to help cover an innovative treatment for FIP. Trunks will be taking the drug Mutain, which has been used to successfully treat FIP in young cats.  At just twelve weeks old, we are hopeful that this drug will be an effective treatment option for Trunks.

Dear Danny

Danny’s litter was abandoned in a parking lot and rescued by our partner organization Newborn Kitten Rescue. As a neonate he suffered an upper respiratory infection that quickly turned into pneumonia. Danny was hospitalized and placed on IV antibiotics & oxygen support. After a few days of critical care, Danny slowly began to recover!  OKC granted $1,500 to cover the cost of Danny’s initial hospitalization and for additional radiographs to ensure his lungs had completely recovered. Danny thrived in his foster home and has since made a full recovery!

Courageous Coriander

Courageous Coriander was found along the side of the road with obvious facial trauma. Our partner Organization, Yolo SPCA, stepped in to get him the care he needed. Cori was taken to UC Davis Medical Center, where he was examined and treated for his maxillofacial trauma. Orphan Kitten Club covered the cost of Cori’s surgical cleaning, tooth extractions and CT scan. While he was being cared for at the hospital, a staff member fell in love with this little flame-point and ended up adopting him!

Little Miss Mona

Little Mona was surrendered to the shelter at 10 weeks of age and refused to walk on intake. The shelter immediately contacted our partner organization, Kitten Nuggets in New Smyrna Beach, Florida to help. Radiographs showed she has a displaced fracture of the left tibia and fibula and a non-displaced fracture of the right tibia. OKC covered the cost of surgery on her left leg to stabilize the displaced fracture with a pin, which will be removed about 4 weeks. Both legs are immobilized to allow the bones to heal properly, so she’s our little mummy kitten! While she may not love her hot pink casts, she does love all the love, cuddles, and squishies she gets from her foster mom.

Darling Daisy

Little Daisy had a rough start to life. At 3 weeks old, she was rescued by our Partner Organization, Tiny Paws, in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Daisy had all the problems. She was emaciated, full of parasites, tested FIV+, and was suffering from a severe upper respiratory virus. Daisy was diagnosed with juvenile glaucoma and needed a double enucleation. Tiny Paws gave her all the supportive care and antibiotics to get her stabilized for her surgery, and OKC covered the cost of her care. Daisy recovered quickly and was fostered in a home with two blind cats!

Tiny Topaz

Tiny Topaz was born with her umbilical cord wrapped around her left hind leg. By the time she was untangled it had already caused too much damage and eventually her her foot and lower leg shriveled up leaving a little stump behind. Our Mightycat Partner Organization, Feline Rescue , got Topaz to a vet who determined the best course of action would be a full amputation when she reached 2 months of age. She thrived in her foster care and when she was big and strong, her tiny stump was surgically removed. Topaz is living her best tripod life and has been adopted by her foster mom.

Sydney’s Surgery

10 week old Sydney was found with a belly full of tapeworms and a sever upper respiratory tract infection. Our partner organization, Yolo County SPCA, stepped in to help and had an abdominal ultrasound preformed. Sydney was diagnosed with an intestinal intussusception and required emergency surgery to clear the obstruction. OKC covered the cost of the surgery and Sydney is now recovering in his foster home.

Angie’s Amputation

Sweet Angie was found with a severely infected leg, living outside in an unmanaged cat colony in Queens, New York. A local rescue stepped in to rescue her and she was immediately taken to an emergency hospital. OKC helped to cover a portion of her medical care including a blood transfusion and a full leg amputation. This mighty girl is currently still in recovery but in a few weeks she will be available for adoption.

Brave Blaze

At just 4 weeks old, Blaze was trapped at a local business and rescued by our partner organization, Love Your Feral Felines. This little guy had a severely infected eye that needed medical intervention. Once brave Blaze was stable, he was taken to a specialist to have his left eye removed. OKC was able to cover the cost of his enucleation —and now Blaze is living his best life as a one-eyed-wonder kitten!

Mighty Marcella

At just 12 days old, Marcella was found on top of a roof with a severed leg. Her siblings had all passed away and her mother had been hit by a car. Poor Marcella had a rough start but thanks to our partner organization, The Little Lion Foundation, she was safe. Marcella was immediately taken to a veterinarian who decided the best course of action was a full amputation due to the location and severity of the injury. OKC was able to cover the cost of her amputation —and now Marcella is enjoying life on three legs!

Shimmer’s Story

Four-week-old Shimmer was found tied to a tree hanging upside down from her rear leg.  She was brought to a shelter where she was going to be euthanized due to her injury and age. Thankfully, a local cat rescue, Love Your Feral Felines, stepped in to give her a chance at life. Shimmer’s leg was infected so badly that the only answer was amputation. Orphan Kitten Club helped cover the cost of her procedure and now Shimmer is enjoying life as a three-legged kitten.

Jared’s Journey

Jared and his brother were rescued from Valley Animal Center in Fresno, California after being thrown from a car. Jared sustained a serious break in his right rear leg that required immediate surgery; luckily his brother remained uninjured. Orphan Kitten Club covered the cost of Jared’s emergency orthopedic surgery. Jared recovered from his surgery beautifully, and now he is able to run around and play just like his brother!

Waffles’ Operation

Waffles was rescued at just two weeks old after being abandoned in Hallandale, Florida. She was in critical condition when she was found, and had already developed a serious eye condition. After seeking medical care, it was determined that Waffles’ left eye needed to be removed. Orphan Kitten Club covered the cost of her enucleation, and she is now living her best life in her forever home!

Misty’s Procedure

Misty was rescued from a hoarding situation in New York by the rescue group TNR Utopia. She was only one day old when she was found, orphaned from her mother, and bottle-fed by the rescue. When Misty began eating solid foods she started to frequently regurgitate her meal causing her to aspirate. Orphan Kitten Club helped fund a CT Scan that confirmed Misty had ingested a foreign object, which was then able to be removed through surgery!