Looking to Volunteer with Orphan Kitten Club?

The lifesaving impact of Orphan Kitten Club would not be possible without our dedicated team of volunteers. We are looking for committed volunteers in the San Diego area who are able to commit a minimum of 4-6 hours of service per month.

There are a variety of tasks we would love assistance with- take a look below at some available roles you can apply for:

Full Circle

  • The Full Circle team is centered around stopping the cycle of kittens being born outside through the trapping, altering, and returning of community cats to colonies around San Diego
  • This role is separated into 3 main components:
    • The trap team who proactively interfaces with the community through knock-and-talks and performs the boots on the ground trapping of unaltered cats
    • Housers who are able to provide shelter for cats in traps overnight, such as in a secure, private enclosed garage
    • Transporters who are willing to take cats to and from surgery appointments, housing locations, and/or able to release cat back to their colonies
  • We are looking for consistent support in these areas, to help us build a robust team of highly skilled and motivated team members
  • This role will require a valid driver’s license and the ability to commute throughout the county, often bringing supplies like traps back and forth from colonies


  • In person shifts are available in 2-3 hour shifts (9am-12pm, 1pm-4pm, and 7pm-9pm)
  • This role performs routine care of kittens, including weighing, feeding, and cleaning their spaces/supplies
  • Number of kittens needing care per shift will vary throughout the year and shifts may include the care of mother cats with kittens as well
  • Understanding of feline behavior is a plus, as there may be occasion to work with feral moms with little ones
  • Role may interact with farm animals on occasion through our Baby Club program
  • Working knowledge of disease management and general husbandry of kittens is helpful, though comprehensive training will be provided
  • Transportation of kittens to and from veterinary appointments needed periodically. Volunteer must be comfortable utilizing their own vehicle. 
  • Opportunities to assist with administrative tasks, such as donor mailings or other special projects, as well as chances to represent OKC at various community events


  • Our small but highly experienced team of kitten caregivers take on the care of a variety of kitten assignments from the vulnerable underage population to the medically complex
  • We are seeking to add a select few additional caregivers with previous experience in the care of underage kittens, especially in the neonatal age group
  • Ideally any new kitten caregiver will have significant experience with and be willing to:
    • Bottle feed neonatal kittens, as young as newborn
    • Confidently perform all general husbandry tasks 
    • Administer treatments and medications as necessary, including oral and subcutaneous 
    • Keep their kittens in care for a minimum of 6 weeks and fully weaned
    • Working knowledge of disease control is needed to ensure proper quarantine of incoming kittens
  • Caregivers must be able to transport kittens to veterinary appointments as needed or in the event of emergency, utilizing their own vehicle

Orphan Kitten Club is a 501(c)3 charitable organization.

Our Federal EIN is: 81-3503227.