Upper Respiratory Infection Study

A study by UC Davis Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital

Orphan Kitten Club granted $5,000 to UC Davis’s Kitten Viral Upper Respiratory Infection Study. This non-invasive study worked with kittens who already had signs of upper respiratory infections and were seeking treatment. In this project, they are evaluating the drug Famciclovir as a treatment for kittens with ocular herpesvirus infection. The anti-viral drug, Famciclovir, reduces the duration and severity of eye disease caused by the feline herpes virus, but it has not yet been studied in young kittens.¬†

UC Davis is currently evaluating data from 260 kittens, who were 10 days old to 12 weeks of age at enrollment. These kittens were evaluated on day 1, day 14, and then on day 21 for the initial clinical trial. The second arm of the study evaluated the kittens from day 21 to 1 year. Davis is currently working to get their findings published and we look forward to sharing their findings!

This study is in the process of being completed, learn more HERE.

The images below show “Sockies” the kitten on day one of enrollment in the study all the way to one year later!

Day 1 of enrollment 

After 21 days of treatment

4 weeks without treatment & 7 weeks after enrollment

At one year of age after enrollment