Kitten Ringworm Study

Orphan Kitten Club provided funding to UC Davis Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital’s Kitten Ringworm Study. This ongoing, non-invasive study works with kittens who were already infected with ringworm and are seeking treatment. In this project, they are evaluating two things: the efficacy of itraconazole and topical therapy as a treatment for ringworm and its safety. The study compares the number of days to cure for each treatment arm: oral itraconazole plus focal topical therapy, oral itraconazole, or focal topical therapy. 

This study does not use lime sulfur, a stinky and uncomfortable treatment used by many shelters. Kittens were randomized to receive itraconazole + topical therapy, placebo + topical therapy, or itraconazole + placebo. This is triple masked so no one knows which group is which. The kittens enrolled in this study range in age from 0-12 weeks and there will be 40 kittens treated & observed in each of the three groups. 

This is an ongoing study, learn more HERE.

Enoki Before

Enoki After

Nick Before

Nick After