If you’ve fallen in love with one of our puppies, here’s your chance to see if you could be their match!

Please thoroughly read the following information about adopting an Orphan Kitten Club puppy before applying.

  • We are accepting applications within 8 hours driving distance of San Diego. Applicants must have reliable transportation.
  • Please do not apply on a whim! Out of consideration for the time and energy of our small adoptions team, we ask that you apply only when certain that you are ready and able to adopt.
  • Fill out the form thoroughly. Incomplete forms will not be considered.
  • Must be 21+ to apply.

All Orphan Kitten Club puppies come with health records and are dewormed, vaccinated, microchipped, & spayed or neutered. We are proud to provide our adopters with educational materials, along with the puppy’s favorite toys, to go home with them!



(Available for adoption)

Adam says, “Keep going, you’re doing great!” 🙌

This absolute teddy bear of a dog is described by his loved ones as having the softest fur in all the kingdom. His primary interests include begging for food, napping with his snoot buried under the covers, and attention. Lots of it. 🥰

Could Adam be your boy?

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We expect to receive a large volume of applications and will not be responding to all applicants – please consider adopting a dog from your local shelter. Take a look at The Animal Pad or San Diego Humane Society to see the available pups they have who are looking for a family!