Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve found an orphan kitten in San Diego, CA. Can you help?

If you’ve found an orphan kitten in San Diego and are looking for assistance, please feel free to contact us. However, because we are a small and specialized nursery with limited space, we also recommend that you contact the San Diego Humane Society, who are available to help and have a 24 Hour Kitten Nursery.

I’ve found a kitten but am not in the San Diego, CA area. 

Thank you for wanting to help the kitten! Unfortunately, we cannot assist with kittens outside of our geographic area. We recommend contacting your local animal rescue organizations and shelters for assistance. You can also click here for advice about caring for orphan kittens.

I live outside of the 6 hour adoption range. Can I still apply?

We know that our kittens have admirers and supporters all over the world, and we are grateful for that! However, for the safety of our young kittens, it’s important to limit extensive travel. For this reason, we have a policy that our kittens can’t be adopted into homes that are more than a short day-trip away from our nursery.

That said, there are kittens all across the country waiting for an adopter just like you. We encourage you to check out your local animal shelter, or visit Petfinder to find a kitten from a local rescue group. Thank you for saving lives!

I just want to adopt one kitten. Can I still apply?

Because our kittens are hand-raised from infancy, we do our best to match them with a buddy to grow up with. Kittens are highly social animals, and form important bonds with friends and siblings, so we always pair kittens for adoption whenever possible. If the kitten you’re interested in is part of a group, your application will be given priority if you apply for two. Kittens who are solo will be adopted only into homes where another cat is already present. This helps ensure our kittens will have a rich social life and a lifelong friend.

Why do I need to be over 21 years of age to adopt from Orphan Kitten Club?

Adopters must be able to financially support the needs of their new kitten(s) and for this reason we prefer our adopters to be over the age of 21. We want our babies going into a stable home with responsible adults to care for them.  Please understand that this rule is not meant to exclude or discourage anyone who is looking to open their home to an animal in need.

What kind of medical care is provided to the kittens before adoption?

All Orphan Kitten Club kittens are provided with preventative medical care in addition to treatment for any medical conditions. Preventative care includes dewormer, flea removal, FVRCP vaccine, spay/neuter, and a microchip. We may also provide additional care such as antibiotics, physical therapy, or even surgical procedures.