No Contact? No Problem!

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a game changer for everyone including those of us in the animal welfare community. We understand that at this time many organizations have paused their adoption services. Orphan Kitten Club will continue to adopt out kittens however things might look a bit different and as the science changes, so will our approach. Recognizing that adjustments must be made, we developed a unique no-contact adoption protocol. We wanted to share our protocol so it can be used by other rescues as a helpful reference. 

 Adoption Protocol

This protocol is to be used during the COVID-19 pandemic. These guidelines were created to keep team members and adopters safe. Both parties should be provided with these protocols prior to adoption. Please note that we are staying up to date on the science behind COVID-19 and will constantly adjust our protocol as advised.


  • Heath Summaries, Adoption Contracts, and all other paperwork will be sent to adopters via email prior to adoption day.
  • Adoption paperwork will be signed virtually by both parties with a program like DocuSign.
  • A hard copy of both documents will be provided to adopters at the time of adoption.


  • Adoptions will take place outside of the foster’s home on a 6ft long foldable table.
  • Adoptions will be scheduled 1-2 hours apart.
  • Adopters will text the team members when they have arrived. Team members will then box up the kitten(s) and walk outside to the adoption table. This is to limit the amount of time for the kittens to be confined in the cardboard carriers.

PPE & Supplies

  • Team members will wear gloves when touching the kitten(s), carriers, and all adoption paperwork.
  • Team members and adopters are asked to wear masks at the adoption.
  • Kittens will be placed in disposable cardboard carriers.
  • The adoption table will have paper towels, Rescue disinfectant, and hand sanitizer (if available).

Adoption Event

  • Adopters and team members will be practicing social-distancing and keep more than 6 feet apart at all times.
  • Team members will wear masks at the adoption event and adopters are also encouraged to do the same.
  • The adoption table will be sanitized before and after each appointment.
  • Team members will go over all paperwork in person.
  • If possible, a photo will be taken to document the event!
  • A post adoption virtual consultation will be offered to all adopters.

You got this!