All animals are worthy of love & protection

Orphan Kitten Club loves all animals! We are actively expanding our programs to better serve orphans of various species. When we have the ability to help a baby animal in need, we offer our nursery services whether the animal is a kitten, puppy, or even a little piglet. Check out the stories below to learn about some of our favorite non-feline rescues.

If you are interested in adopting Mama Lucille & Baby Buster click HERE for more information.


Layla was only a few hours old when our local shelter contacted us about her. Sadly she was the only surviving piglet in her litter and needed an immediate foster to step in. That day, our team member Yige picked her up and cared for her around the clock for the first two months of her life. Layla grew into a chunky happy girl who loves eating bananas and playing with her kitten bestie ChouChou. She is now living her best life at Laster Ranch Animal Rescue in Joshua Tree, California.



Isa was brought to us at just hours old, frail and in very rough shape. After weeks of overnight care, she began to thrive, and even became friends with Ferguson! She now lives as a happy, big pig at Loving Farm Sanctuary.



Martha was born prematurely and lost her mother during birth. OKC cared for her and her siblings until they were 8 weeks old and ready to find their forever homes.  Now Martha is a happy, healthy 45 pound pup!


Mamadoo & the Babydoos

Mamadoo was rescued from a pig hoarding situation in Northern California. Our team wanted to take in the pig who appeared to be the most pregnant one there. Mamadoo was by far the largest lady, however, she wasn’t about to pop as we thought. Instead, she took one month before she gave birth to a dozen piglets. Elven piglets survived, sadly one was born with a serious underlying health issue and did not make it. The eleven other piglets (a.k.a the Babydoos) grew fat and happy in our care. The entire family was placed in sanctuaries & loving homes up the West Coast.


Billie, Charlie & Marlie

Billie was only one day old when they were brought to a local wildlife center along with a crew of wild ducklings. The wildlife center immediately realized that Billie was a domestic duckling, and needed to be placed into a rescue where they could eventually find a forever home. When we took Billie into our nursery program, we put the word out to local veterinarians and shelters that we were searching for more duckling friends to help Billie have a family. That’s when Charlie & Marlie showed up! These two slightly older ducklings needed rescue, and came to complete the flock!



Baby Emmett was found cruising down the side of the highway in San Diego. Our friends at Farm Animal Refuge asked if we could raise this sweet little piglet for the next few month and then bring him to live on the farm. He quickly learned how to drink formula from a pan, even if more of it got on his face than in his mouth! Emmett became good pals with our three-legged foster kitten Jez, creating some of the world’s most adorable moments. Now Emmy lives at Farm Animal Refuge with OKC graduate Joshua!


Sydney & Hobart

When our local shelter reached out to us about two young puppies in need of a foster home, we transferred them into our nursery program. Sydney and Hobart were round little potatoes when they arrived, but by the time they were ready for adoption, they were lean, mean digging machines! Being best friends, Sydney and Hobie were adopted together to a loving home in Los Angeles.



Joshua and his siblings were abandoned within hours of birth, and ended up at the local animal shelter. Sadly, six of the seven siblings quickly passed away from seizures. When we brought in Joshua, he was diagnosed with a liver shunt and hepatic encephalopathy, and we had to quickly adapt his diet to help him stop having seizures and save his life.  Joshua slowly but surely began to thrive on a plant-based diet rich in starch. After many weeks of banana smoothies Joshy Poshy began to eat like a real grown piglet. He quickly quadrupled in size and was ready to move on to life on the farm. Joshua now lives at Farm Animal Refuge, a sanctuary where farm animals are safe and loved for their entire lives.

baby bell


bell was born in Tijuana, Mexico, where she and her litter mates were given out to various homes when they were very young, as free puppies. When bell’s adopter realized she wasn’t ready for the responsibility of a puppy, she needed a safe place to grow and receive veterinary care until she was big and healthy enough for adoption, so she made her way to Orphan Kitten Club. Our team got her vaccinated, dewormed & ready for her forever home!