Adoptable Kittens

The Orphan Kitten Club nursery rescues vulnerable newborns, and lovingly prepares them to be happy, healthy mini-cats. Meet some of the babies who are currently growing up in our nursery, and fill out an application if you’d like to express interest in giving them a forever home!


Baby Boo

(available early-mid December)

Living up to her namesake, Baby Boo is extra smol and extra cute! She is the most adorable miniature sized blue kitten with big blue eyes. Baby Boo’s personality is the perfect blend of silly and sweet. She enjoys spending time snuggled up in her Baby Yoda bed, where she will quietly seek any offered pets or attention. She has had some health issues, and her bloodwork is improving, but not perfectly normal. We are looking for someone who would be excited to take her on as a family member and help her health improve. We will work with the adopter and cover any early medical costs and she will be foster to adopt. Baby Boo is seeking a home with her BFF, Sugar Pie.





Sugar Pie

(available early-mid December)

Sugar Pie is a stunning blue tuxedo with the cutest white french manicured toes. Sugar Pie is extra flirty and just as sweet as she sounds. She is a very social girl and her favorite activity is meeting new friends! While in the kitten room, Sugar Pie is the first of her siblings to plop into your lap for affection! Sugar Pie is seeking a home with her best friend, Baby Boo, so she can continue showing her the ropes!





Phat Jack

(adoption pending)

What’s better than chocolate? A chocolate tabby! Phat Jack is the most handsome chocolate tabby, with swirly markings. Full of bravery, he always runs towards the door to say hello to new visitors and is the first to check out new toys. Sweeter than real chocolate, Phat Jack is ready to find his forever lap to melt in to. Phat Jack would like to be adopted with his best pal, Crunchkin.





(adoption pending)

Crunchkin is a blue eyed, blue tabby and certainly one of the cutest pumpkins in the patch! He is the perfect blend of adventurous and snuggly. When he’s not busy carrying his favorite yellow mouse around, you can find him cuddled up with one of his siblings. Crunchkin would like to be adopted with his best bud, Phat Jack.




Please note that most of our kittens will be adopted in pairs. You can read our adoption protocol and fill out an application here.