Adoptable Kittens

The Orphan Kitten Club nursery rescues vulnerable newborns, and lovingly prepares them to be happy, healthy mini-cats. Meet some of the babies who are currently growing up in our nursery, and fill out an application if you’d like to express interest in giving them a forever home!



(Available in August)

Everyone loves little Lucy! This sweet, fun-sized tabby is a bit of the wallflower type in that she likes to take it easy and observe the big world around her. Lucy has a laid back, mellow personality and enjoys Netflix and chill nights with lots of snuggles! She is slowly blossoming into a more adventurous cat with the help of her confident best friend, Laura. Lucy requires medication twice a day for life and would do best with someone who is comfortable monitoring her health as she grows. Lucy would like to be adopted with her bestie, Laura.



(Available in August)

Laura is the girl who is friends with everyone, no matter what circle they’re in. Full of affection and cuddles, she has already won over everyone’s votes for Homecoming Queen. She is a dilute tortie, mostly grey with the softest peachy wisps. Laura is eager for her forever home where she can curl up in the perfect spot to nap. Laura would love to be adopted with her BFF Lucy!



(Adoption Pending)

Denim is a baby werewolf disguised as a kitten. His fluffy coat laced with silver bits is a reminder of the rough start as a preemie. He will grow out of his “fever coat” and transform into a beautiful all-black micropanther! He is equal parts goofy and sweet, with a constant bed head and a reputation for “Most Likely to Sleep Through His Alarm Clock.” When he’s not napping you can find him wrestling, climbing and pouncing on all the toys. Denny would love to get adopted with one of his siblings or to a home with a young, playful cat who can become his best pal.



(Adoption Pending)

Velvet lives up to her name as her silky coat and sweet disposition are sure to soften your heart. She has whimsical wisps of white fur on her chest and belly to compliment that already classy (and sassy!) black coat of hers. Her ultimate happy place is your lap so if you sit still for long enough she is sure to appear there, almost like magic! She would love to get adopted with one of her siblings or to a home with another cat who can become her best friend.



(Adoption Pending)

Corduroy is the epitome of handsome and confident: rocking a sleek, all-black coat along with his charming, almond-shaped eyes. He will never fail to greet you at the door with a rumbling purr that is guaranteed to melt your stress away after a long day. Cordy loves to wrestle and he is currently our nursery’s heavyweight champ! He would love to get adopted with one of his siblings or to a home with a young, playful cat who can become his best bud.



(Adoption Pending)

 With her lovable alien-shaped head and stunning marble-like eyes, Chenille’s beauty is out of this world! She loves her face rubs more than anything else in the world, a trap designed to lure any unsuspecting human into love at first sight. This kitten made to walk down a catwalk at a beauty pageant is sure to win you over with her audacious attitude. She would love to get adopted with one of her siblings or to a home with another cat who can become her bestie. 



(Adoption Pending)

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Watch out world, James is a heartbreaker! James is a kitten with puppydog eyes that will melt your heart. He is a playful, silly boy who will spend hours battling his favorite mouse toys and crinkle balls, and he appreciates it so much when you throw them for him so he can play catch! James likes to explore, burrow, lounge, and is even starting to love climbing and using the scratch post. His favorite place of all is the bed, where he will cuddle up by your side all night. When he can tell you’ve woken up, he begins to purr, knowing he’s about to get chin scratches! James is a happy and loving cat who truly appreciates bonding with humans.

James is a unique boy who was born with undeveloped back legs. He is able to walk very well with his front limbs and can get himself up ramps and scratch posts, around the house to visit his favorite spots, and up/down carpeted steps. He can also run if you give him a little boost with your hand! He cannot jump up onto beds or couches and will need a home that is willing to make accommodations like ramps. He is fully litter-box trained but does require a low-entry box which is easier for him to access. After going potty, he is generally very clean! He has struggled with constipation in the past but is doing great now. His adopter must be comfortable monitoring him for any GI issues in the future.

James is a perfect baby who is absolute best friend material for the right person! He is such a good boy and so grateful and loving. His perfect adopter would be someone who makes minor household accommodations and who is committed to helping him live his very best life. He would also love a home with a friendly cat he can spend time with – he loves and is interested in other animals as long as they have a relatively laid back demeanor, but he does not do well with hyper or extremely playful animals. Orphan Kitten Club is committed to James’ success and happiness, and we will provide the adopter with some of the initial set up (ramps/steps) to ensure he has what he needs to thrive.

Please note that most of our kittens will be adopted in pairs. You can read our adoption protocol and fill out an application here.