Adoptable Kittens

The Orphan Kitten Club nursery rescues vulnerable newborns and lovingly prepares them to be happy, healthy mini-cats. Meet some of the babies who are currently growing up in our nursery, and fill out an application if you’d like to express interest in giving them a forever home! We perform our kitten adoptions at our location in San Diego.

0Z8A8779 kraken


(Available in Early October)

Kraken is just an ooey-gooey, melt-in-your-hands cuddle bug who just wants to be loved! This little dude has a snow-white coat with the cutest little black wisps on top of his head. Kraken loves attention and once he starts purring he just can’t stop! He seems to be the favorite friend of every kitten and would love to be adopted with a littermate or into a home with a young cat to be his buddy



(Available in Early October)

Nessie is truly a stunning micropanther with cute white chin hairs! This gorgeous gal tends to bleps often & often will be seen in photographs with her tongue sticking out! She’s got the best personality and is the perfect balance of sweet, smart, and playful. Nessie loves cuddling but is also happy finding a toy and keeping herself entertained. She would love to be adopted with a littermate or into a home with a young feline who can become her bestie!

0Z8A8588 yeti


(Available in Early October)

Yeti is unreal! He’s the tiniest kitten in the bunch and oh so tender. He has big cute eyes that give him a permanent worried look on his face. Yeti likes playing so much that sometimes he falls asleep standing up because he doesn’t want to admit that he’s tired! This lovebug would like to be adopted with one of his siblings or into a home with a playful young cat.



(Available in Early October)

Bigfoot is the perfect mix of brains and striking good looks! This handsome guy is extremely confident and always the first to figure things out. Biggie will never turn down a chance to cuddle, and when it comes to sitting in laps he is the first to show up and last to leave! Bigfoot would really like to be adopted with one of his siblings or into a home with another cat who can become his best friend.



(Available in Early October)

This little tuxedo is really good at making new friends! She has completely been accepted by the Cryptid crew and can be found cuddling & playing with all of her new pals. She has the most adorable round face with big saucer eyes! This curious girl would love to be adopted with a buddy or into a home with a young cat that she can be pals with.

Please note that most of our kittens will be adopted in pairs. You can read our adoption protocol and fill out an application here.