Adoptable Kittens

The Orphan Kitten Club nursery rescues vulnerable newborns, and lovingly prepares them to be happy, healthy mini-cats. Meet some of the babies who are currently growing up in our nursery, and fill out an application if you’d like to express interest in giving them a forever home!


Tommy & Timmy

(Available in Mid-June)

Tommy & Timmy are ready to open up shop on your island and they’re dressed for the occasion! These tiny tuxedos are truly a dynamic duo. Tommy has the most adorable lemon-shaped head and loves to zoom around with a little chirp. Fun fact: he wags his tail when you scratch him in just the right spot! Timmy is a goof…let’s put it this way, he is 20% micro-panther and 80% clumsy potato. He would love to snuggle up on your chest with his belly up and binge that cringe-worthy reality show with you, every night. Tommy and Timmy are best buds and are looking for a forever home together!



(Adoption Pending)

Chickpea is a chunky tuxedo kitten (#thiccpea) with an exaggerated overbite and charming personality. This girl is always smiling! She’s a very sweet and tender kitten who loves to make biscuits on the bathmat and practice climbing the big cat tree. Chickpea has a sweet voice, and regularly chirps and trills while playing! Chickpea is absolutely best friends with Spinach and would love to be adopted with her.

Chickpea will need a dental operation when she is 6 months old due to her overbite. Her future adopter will need to agree to take her in for a dental appointment when her adult teeth erupt. OKC will cover the cost of this procedure.



(Adoption Pending)

Spinach AKA Iron Girl is truly a superhero and a very special girl! At 3 weeks old, she received an emergency surgery to move a piece of bone that was pointing towards her heart. After her life-saving procedure she had to wear a chest plate for several weeks. Spinach became a style icon with her tiny tee shirts made from colorful socks! Spinach has made a swift recovery and her chest is in great condition now. Spinach has a confident, playful personality and knows she is a superstar. She also loves to snuggle in bed, and will sleep curled up against her foster mom’s face, purring loudly! Spinach is crazy about her friend Chickpea, and would love to be adopted with her.

Spinach also has mild eyelid agenesis, which means that her eyelids are not fully formed. Prior to adoption Spinach will have cryoepilation, a procedure that freezes the eyelashes so that they do not rub against her eyes. Spinach’s adopter will need to take her for a follow up consultation with a specialty vet post-adoption to make sure no further treatment is needed. OKC will cover the cost of the follow up appointment and procedure if one is necessary.

Please note that most of our kittens will be adopted in pairs. You can read our adoption protocol and fill out an application here.