Adoptable Kittens

The Orphan Kitten Club nursery rescues vulnerable newborns, and lovingly prepares them to be happy, healthy mini-cats. Meet some of the babies who are currently growing up in our nursery, and fill out an application if you’d like to express interest in giving them a forever home!


Camilo – Adopted

(Available End of May)

Watch out everyone, Camilo will shape shift his way into your heart! This floofy boy is the biggest kitten we’ve ever seen! He tipped the scales at over two pounds at only 6 weeks old. Camilo plays hard and naps hard, one minute he will be wrestling with his siblings and the next you will find him curled up in your lap. When you wake him up from a deep sleep by gently stroking his back, he will respond with deep rumbling purrs. He would love to be adopted with his little brother Bruno. 

Bruno2 (1)

Bruno – Adopted

(Available End of May)

Sorry, but we DO talk about Bruno here at OKC and we see this kitten in your future! Sorry, we had to…. This little guy is the smallest in his litter but makes up for it with his spunk and personality. He spends his days napping, pouncing, and playing with his bigger siblings. He would like to go home with his biggest brother Camilo.


Luisa – Adoption Pending

(Available End of May)

Luisa will lift your spirits with her beautiful little personality. She is the true definition of a gentle giant. She is by far one of the biggest kittens we’ve ever seen. She enjoys wrestling in moderation but her real life agenda is to find a lap she can snuggle in long term. Will you be her forever lap? Luisa would really like to be adopted with her brother Antonio or into a home with another cat who can become her best friend.


Antonio – Adoption Pending

(Available End of May)

This sweet, innocent little guy is Antonio! He’s a beautiful kitten with a little blue spot on his face! Antonio loves running and playing with his siblings but stroke his cheeks in just the right spots and watch him melt into a little kitten puddle in your arms. Antonio would love to go home with his big sister Luisa or into a home with another cat who can become his new family.

Please note that most of our kittens will be adopted in pairs. You can read our adoption protocol and fill out an application here.